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Enoten is bringing the power and simplicity of its UDM Pro device management and provisioning tool to Yealink devices. Utilizing the same interface you can seemlessly manage both Yealink and Polycom devices together if you have a mixed environment. In a single device manufacturer environment you are able to manage the devices using our established toolset.

For more information on UDM Pro V2 and its support for Yealink please contact sales@enoten.com.


Unified Device Manager Pro

The ultimate UC device provisioning and management package

Reliably and quickly provision and manage tens of thousands of Polycom, Yealink and Spectralink devices with our full-featured UDM Pro.

UDM Ranger

Easy phone number management

No more spreadsheets. Makes the task of tracking, managing and allocating large number of DIDs and extensions easy.

Unified Device Manager Monitoring

Receive alerts whenever key devices go offline or are logged out

Ensure continuous availablity of your conference room and simiar devices.


Enoten is an Australia-based independent software vendor with a focus on software products which bring insight and intelligence to the operation of IT services. Enoten products are responsible for servicing customers from a dozen seats to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of seats. We strive to build best-in-class enterprise grade software with a customer service focus. Specializing in products for Polycom, Yealink and Unified Communications. Enoten maintains an expansive network of global partners, providing access to our award-winning technology around the globe.